Do £10 Primark hair straighteners really work?

2:28 pm

Okay, so it's been a while but, I am back once again (I know this is a reoccurring opening sentence to all of my blog posts). A couple of weeks ago now my Dad and I went to Brighton for the week and much to my dismay I had forgot to pack one very important essential - my straighteners. Usually I opt for the traditional GHD's as they always work a treat and they've been a much loved favourite for years now. There was no way I could go a week without having my straighteners because trust me, after a shower my hair looks somewhat similar to the likes of Cruella De Vil (I wish I was joking). 

After seeing a fair few videos on Primarks newest bargain I decided to pick up their £10 straighteners and give them a go. I couldn't justify splurging on a new pair of straighteners for a week when I had a perfectly good pair at home already.

The straighteners are ceramic coated and have 3 different heat settings (not so bad for £10 eh). The overall look of them isn't too bad and they are very similar looking to the traditional GHD's. If you're a fan of rose cold or copper then you'll definitely like the ceramic plates - this may have won me over slightly. I would mention that they are VERY lightweight, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I did have to clamp down quite hard when straightening to make sure they was actually working.

I decided to do a fair test and left my hair to dry naturally which is what I usually do as my hair can tend to be quite damaged from box dye sets. In all honesty they didn't do a bad job. I tested them by going down on my hair once and then repeating the stroke for a second time. I've got to say I am very impressed by them, they done the job and my hair was straight by the end of it. The only bad thing I would say is that they did leave my hair slightly frizzy and it wasn't as sleek as I usually like it to be. Other than that though I can't really complain for the the price. 

Overall, if you're looking for a pair of cheap straighteners either for travelling with or you're not too fussed about the finish of your hair (this can be solved with a little bit of frizz tamer or oil) then definitely give these a go. It's a thumbs up from me and I'm sure they're definitely going to be coming along with me on my travels.

Let me know if any of you have tried out Primarks latest gadget? I'm tempted to do a review on the curlers as well at some point.



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